Employment Opportunities

Camp is looking for some amazing, enthusiastic, and faith filled individuals to join our team! Please check out our available positions below.


Team Members are responsible for the program(s) that are run at the facility of
Camp Morice at Fort St. James during the months of July to August. The responsibility includes development
and promotion of the program(s),  and implementation and day to day
running of the program(s). The Team Members works with the Year Round Camp Program Director and the Assistant Summer Camp Program Director on implementing the program(s) involves creating programs so that the facility is used
and that user needs are addressed. The implementation of the program requires
organizational and communication skills to manage both the employees and the users, and it requires knowledge of Diocesan policy and government policy to ensure compliance and to ensure safety.
The position calls for someone who is passionate about youth and about formation of youth in the
Catholic/Christian tradition. The position will require knowledge and experience of camp programs, and of
youth formation programs. It will require creativity in helping the director’s visions come to life.
This position will be held by two to three people (working July and August) who will work in collaboration with
the Year Round Program Director and the Assistant Summer Program Director. It will be important to ensure respect of those in authority and that
responsibilities are clearly  understood.


    1. Training and experience with working with YOUTH.
    2. A mature and growing Christian committed to living a life of holiness.
    3. Able to sign the Catholicity Clause for employees of the Diocese.
    4. A demonstrated passion for evangelism and discipleship of youth
    5. A team player – committed to helping others succeed. 
    6. Supervisory skills is a benefit.
    7. Takes initiative – a ‘self-starter’.  
    8. Focused and organized.
    9. Good problem solving skills.
    10. Good oral and written communication skills.  
    11. Successful candidate must provide a RCMP Criminal Record Check annually.

Please know that if successful in the position, you would be invited to return to it for following summers.

If interested in the position, please apply here.